Cherry Blossom Spring 2018

March 2, 2018

Yen Ta Four $14
Blossom pink broth noodles soup with shrimp, a variety of mixed seafood meat balls, Chinese broccoli, and crispy wonton..

Beef Broccoli $22

Grilled NY Steak with Chinese broccoli sauteed in garlic brown sauce.

Hoi Obb (Steamed Mussels) $7
Cooked with your choice of spices lime sauce or green curry sauce.

West coast roll $14
Kani, cucumber, avocado top with spicy tuna, jalapeno,
black Tobiko , fried onion, and eel sauce.

Spicy seared salmon roll $14
Salmon, cucumber, scallion top with seared salmon,
bonito flakes, and sliced of lime.


Veggie Futo tempura roll $7

Kanpyo, Oshinko, Shibazuke, asparagus, avocado, cucumber