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Valentine's Special 2018

Crush on you roll $14 Tuna, white tuna, salmon, avocado inside, top with spicy crab, crunchy, masago, scallion.

Hit by cupid's arrow roll $14

Salmon inside top with fried small shrimp, spicy mayo, masago, nori.

Toast to your love sashimi $10 2 pcs = maguro 2 pcs = Hamachi 2 pcs = Ika

I do red velvet cake $8

Romantic afternoon kao tung na tung $10 Shrimp, Peanut , red curry, coconut, onion, soy sauce, crispy rice.

Ignite the passions khao soi noodle $17 Yellow curry, egg noodle, mustard green, red onion, cilantro and beef.

Love nest saba shioyaki $17

Japanese mackerel, soy sauce, butter, green and red cabbage, garlic, rice, cilantro, rice and teriyaki sauce.

Soul mate shrimp kale & pomelo salad $10 Kale, pomelo, red onion, fried onion, shredded coconut, cilantro, yum sauce and grilled shrimp

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